Learn about the many professional development opportunities DataWORKS can bring to your school or district. All of our trainings can be customized to fit your needs and budget!

Teacher Training
Summer School Program for Grades K-12

Summer StepUP Academy

A Summer School Bootcamp for The Brain!
Remediate struggling students or looking to give students a boost in the coming year.

EL Student During Teacher Training

English Learner Strategies

Eliminate the frustration of ELs and your teachers by providing 50 easy-to-use teaching techniques to help ELs learn English while also mastering lesson content.

Lesson Demonstrations | Teacher Training

Lesson Demonstration

Give your staff the fast track to effective implementation of new teaching skills with this proven program of seeing, doing, and mastering of lesson delivery.

Teacher Training by John Hollingsworth

Explicit Direct Instruction

Create a culture of instructional excellence in your school by providing a common language and procedures for lessons, based on classroom-tested research.

StepUP Academy Teacher Training

StepUP Academy

Help your students – and teachers – step up to the next level of performance with a short-term, powerful learning experience.

Parental Involvement

Get parents involved in the education process with a series of workshops covering topics like homework, bullying, anger management, and Common Core.

Education Management

Educational Management

Complete educational reform with the ultimate goal of creating a culture of instructional excellence and establishing successful local capacity.

Instructional Leadership

Focus your school and district leaders on instructional excellence by giving them quick, specific, observational tools.

K-12 Resources and Teaching Tools


Tools that help teachers teach: guides for objectives and assessments, templates, whiteboard inserts, vocab lists, checklists for reading and writing, posters, and more.

Common Core Teacher Training

Demystify Common Core

Give teachers and administrators the knowledge to become experts in all things Common Core. Dispel myths and common misconceptions so that all students can be successful.

Curriculum Calibration

Train teachers to align curriculum to grade-level standards, text complexity levels, and national assessment question types.


Let DataWORKS help your teachers put EngageNY to work for them. Utilize the quality content available in the EngageNY modules, and learn where to supplement for maximum effectiveness.

Contact us now, and we'll show you how DataWORKS will:

–  Customize a professional development experience that meets the needs of your school or district.

–  Help your teachers improve lesson design and delivery, increase student engagement, and enable students to learn more the FIRST time they are taught.

–  Design and develop curriculum resources that your teachers will LOVE to use!

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Custom Training

Many of our trainings were developed to meet the specific needs of a school or district. Contact us to discuss a specific, customized training we can provide for your staff.