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With less teaching time, we need more lesson delivery focus. Let us show you how Professional Delivery, supported by Explicit Direct InstructionTM can help.

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Learn Why Most PD is Not
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One-time professional development is not effective. Research shows that
training must occur repeatedly over time, supported with
coaching and feedback. (Joyce and Showers 1987)

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Dataworks is pleased to offer its services to Australian educators. Satisfied clients like us for these reasons:


We walk our talk. We don’t just talk about what works; we go into the classroom and show you what works. Then, we train you how to do it. For 20 years, we have helped teachers around the world transform their classrooms and schools.


We know what works based on academic research and our own original field research in thousands of classrooms.  When teachers apply these proven strategies, they get results for their students. Learning is truly visible in the classroom.


There is no one size fits all plan.  We work with you to meet your needs for budget, scheduling, content, and staffing. We consult with you at no charge to see how our services fit with your unique school and students. Then, we prepare a customized solution.
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