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DataWORKS Educational Research was founded in 1997 with the single purpose of improving student learning. Since then, DataWORKS has steadily expanded, working with over 750 schools and districts, in 25 states, in 10 countries, and on five continents around the world.  Fundamentally, DataWORKS supports teachers and school administrators as instructional leaders and believes they are the keys to measurable student achievement. That’s why DataWORKS offers various professional development trainings, workshops, and tools to help educators take their classrooms, schools, and districts to the next level.

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Founders & Owners


Dr. Silvia Ybarra

Co-Founder & Chief Researcher

Silvia is the chief researcher and co-founder of DataWORKS.  She served as a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent at several schools before applying her knowledge of learning, language, and research to improve education in the classroom. She knows what it means to be an English Learner, having come to the U.S. at age 11 from El Salvador, and advancing to earn her doctorate in education.  She and her husband John Hollingsworth have pioneered research-based teaching strategies, which have culminated in the worldwide use of Explicit Direct Instruction. She and John are co-authors of two popular books on teaching strategies.


John Hollingsworth

Co-Founder & President

John is the president and co-founder of DataWORKS. With his varied background as a systems analyst, engineer, and musician, John has applied his analytical and presenting skills to the field of education, transforming lives with his insights into the teaching process. He and his wife Silvia Ybarra have pioneered research-based teaching strategies, known as Explicit Direct Instruction, which have received praise from teachers worldwide.  John has published numerous articles, trained thousands of educators, and presented at many conferences. His mastery of lesson delivery is inspiring to educators. He and Silvia are co-authors of two books on teaching.


Joe Ybarra

Co-owner & Consultant

Since 2010 Joe has worked exclusively with DataWORKS as a consultant, lesson designer, and curriculum calibrator. He was one of the lead trainers in the company’s recent rollout of curriculum in Australia, and has led the training and staff development at various sites throughout the U.S.  Prior to joining DataWORKS from 2003 to 2010, he was an elementary and middle school teacher. He started with DataWORKS in 2000 as a researcher, helping to define effective teaching practices that use cognitive brain strategies. Joe graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a dual major in Environmental Science/Urban Planning.


DataWORKS Consultant Larry Federico

Larry Federico

DataWORKS Consultant James Riedl

James Riedl


Cynthia Kampf


Curriculum Development & Support

Katie Burchfield
Curriculum Development Manager

Araceli Salazar
Curriculum Specialist

Melennie McAbee
Curriculum Specialist

Trish Bogdanovich
Curriculum Specialist

Jessica Santillan
Curriculum Specialist

Mike Neer, M.A.
Editor / Curriculum Specialist

Alex Chavez
Consultant / Curriculum Specialist

Kirsten McCann
Consultant / Curriculum Specialist

Chris Jones
Curriculum Specialist

Carlos Luna
IT Admin / Educeri Support Tech

Traci Banks
Office Manager

Elias Ibarra
Senior Designer

Anabel Sanchez

Juanita Cardenas
Production & Logistics



EDI has so much verbalization of academic language that our EL students are constantly hearing and repeating and, because of this, comprehending English at a very fast pace.

Patricia Bloodgood5th Grade Teacher, Orange Center ES, Fresno, CA

(I valued) Additional resources for site staff development; Opportunity to work through concepts in a hands-on manner.

Darin WilletVice Principal, Sequoia School, Manteca, CA

I would love to see more teachers doing this. This is a must!

Judi SzporAcademic Coach, McCord ES, Orange Cove, CA

(I valued) Silvia’s demeanor, intelligence, direct approach.

John HallProgram Coordinator, Sequoia School, Manteca, CA

(I valued) I appreciate the solid research base of DataWORKS.

Diane DotsonSuperintendent, Jamestown SD, Jamestown, CA

There are common agreements amongst many respected researchers on instructional processes that, when implemented correctly, will lead to growth in student achievement.

Charles VidalSJCOE Director, Stockton, CA

I would like all teachers in Lodi Unified School District to receive, to be exposed to DataWORKS. Only then would there be systemic change for our students.

Gloria EvosevichPrincipal, Nichols ES, Lodi, CA

Thank you for giving us real strategies that I can take to my classroom and use right away!

Darla MacDonald2nd Grade Teacher, Fenton Primary Ctr., Los Angeles, CA

(I valued) Information that can be used today!

Lisa BojeDirector of Curriculum, Ripon Unified, Ripon, CA

Fast-paced, interactive, and highly useful! Thanks!

Tami FrancisFrancis ELD Categorical Programs, Downey, CA