Instructional Leadership Program

Master the tools and language of instructional excellence


Instructional Leadership Program

Master the tools and language of instructional excellence



Instructional Leadership Program

Master the tools and language of instructional excellence

The Instructional Leadership program is:

A complete instructional reform model designed to develop instructional excellence at school sites by maintaining a relentless focus on what occurs inside the classroom each day.

To accomplish this reform, DataWORKS provides leaders with a set of research-based tools and a common language of instruction.

The Tools

Instructional Leadership trains administrators to use a simple, proven observation checklist. This checklist identifies 10 strategies each for lesson design, for lesson delivery, and for helping English learners. The easy-to-use checklist serves as a rubric for effective instruction and can be completed in as little as five minutes.

The Language

Instructional Leadership trains administrators how to communicate clearly with teachers and coaches. Administrators, teachers, and coaches first learn to recognize and name the research-based strategies that effective teachers use. Then the observation checklist is presented to teachers ahead of classroom observations – setting a clear expectation for instructional excellence. Finally, during observations, administrators learn to provide consistent feedback only on what was seen or not seen, omitting opinions from their feedback.

Administrators will begin to see immediate improvement

By using the tools and language provided in the Instructional Leadership program, administrators will begin to see instant improvement in teaching practices.

Below are two videos of a teacher teaching a lesson. The first video shows a teacher teaching a lesson using basic teaching strategies. The second video shows how the Instructional Leadership program can take teaching to the next level.

Lesson before Instructional Leadership

Lesson after Instructional Leadership

instructional leadership to accelerate learning

If you’d like to increase attendance, minimize behavioral problems, and helps students learn more and faster, then check out how our Instructional Leadership Workshop can help you implement these Engagement Norms in your school. Schedule a webinar today.

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4 Steps to Instructional Excellence

4 Steps to Instructional Excellence
instructional leadership

The key to effective focus on instructional excellence in your school is the tools and language that you use. Our Instructional Leadership Workshop will help you gain automaticity with them and take your administrative capability to the next level — and your school as well! Schedule a webinar today using our form.

instructional leadership

If you want to sharpen the focus of your school on instructional excellence, then you need to bring a common language, common resources, and common teaching strategies to your staff. The first step is to get a detailed vision of what instructional excellence looks like — and you can do that at our Instructional Leadership Workshop. Schedule a webinar today.

Download the Instructional Leadership Program Guide

How the Instructional Leadership training program works

Instructional Leadership has had proven results

The Instructional Leadership program has been proven to improve the effectiveness of teachers by increasing student engagement, enhancing the process of checking for understanding, and providing better access for English learners (ELs).

External evaluation commissioned by the S.H. Cowell Foundation, Jane David and Joan Talbert made the following statements about Sanger Unified’s use of Explicit Direct Instruction: 

“With training and support in Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) from DataWorks, the principal and teacher coach at this school taught their staff a specific set of strategies for developing and teaching lessons designed to help struggling students. One of the poorest schools with half their students classified as English learners, their success created demand, spurring interest among principals and teachers in implementing EDI in their schools. Grounded in Madeleine Hunter’s elements of effective lessons, the principles embodied in Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) over time became the district’s de facto definition of effective lessons.”
Read the full study here: Turning Around A High-Poverty District

Related Training for Teachers:

Build a culture of instructional excellence with EDI

DataWORKS has developed the research-based Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) approach to teaching that has been tested, refined, and proven in classrooms worldwide. The EDI Professional Development program provides a common language and procedures for well-crafted, well-taught lessons. This focus on instructional excellence in the classroom allows teachers and administrators to work together to maximize student and school achievements.

Contact us now and we'll show you how DataWORKS will:

–  Customize a professional development experience that meets the needs of your school or district.

–  Help your teachers improve lesson design and delivery, increase student engagement, and enable students to learn more the FIRST time they are taught.

–  Design and develop curriculum resources that your teachers will LOVE to use!

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