The fastest way for teachers to try, improve, and feel confident with new teaching skills. Teachers see it, Do it. Master it!

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Experiencing Effective Instruction

THE fastest way for teachers to try, improve, and feel confident with new teaching skills is to participate in our Lesson Demonstration Program. This is also the fastest way to bring a school’s staff to full implementation of Explicit Direct Instruction.

  • Clarify what an effectively designed and delivered EDI lesson should look like in a classroom.
  • Guided by a consultant, clarify misconceptions and develop practical expectations.
  • With administrators participating, help teachers know their site/district is committed to effective instruction.

See it. Do it. Master it!


Teachers observe a DataWORKS consultant teaching a pre-written, READY TO TEACH Common Core-EDI lesson.


Teachers (and administrators, if possible) teach the same lesson to real students in the classroom. One teacher can do the lesson, or multiple teachers can teach parts of the lesson.


The consultant provides constructive, interactive coaching as the lesson is delivered so teachers can immediately refine their strategies.

This is one of the most effective ways to build “automaticity” in teaching skills. By seeing first, then experiencing how the design and delivery of a lesson come together in a real classroom with students, educators know what works and know they can do it. It is also a terrific model of adult learning for the students to observe.

How it Works

Step 1

School selects a lesson for demonstration, and the details are confirmed with the site administrator.

Step 2

Administrators brief the teachers about the training and the importance of interactive coaching, and also give copies of the selected lesson to the teachers to review.

Step 3

Consultant arrives and offers a pre-brief session, so everyone knows what to expect.

Step 4

Consultant teaches the lesson to a class of students, modeling effective strategies.

Step 5

Consultant debriefs with participants, explaining what they saw and reinforcing the principles of effective instruction.

Step 6

Teachers take turns teaching the same lesson to a class, either one at a time or team- taught in parts, while receiving interactive coaching from the consultant.

Participants Learn

Effective Lesson Design

  • How to use the 7 parts of effective lessons
  • How to build a lesson around a concept
  • How to model cognitive strategies
  • How to make a lesson relevant

Effective Lesson Delivery

  • How to engage students in the lesson
  • How to check for understanding throughout the lesson
  • How to give effective feedback to students
  • How to include reading in every lesson

Foundations of EDI

  • How to use higher-order questions
  • When to call on students and how
  • How to ‘work the page’ to present a lesson
  • How to use whiteboards effectively
  • How to teach from examples not a script


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