How to Teach engageNY for Common Core

Helping teachers design and deliver lessons from the engageNY modules

How to Teach engageNY for Common Core

Helping teachers design and deliver lessons from the engageNY modules

DataWORKS takes the guesswork out of how and what to teach by training teachers on the design and delivery of the engageNY modules.

Teachers learn to identify the content they need, add in additional elements to meet the specific needs of their students, and design a ready-to-teach lesson based on the content provided to them in the engageNY modules.

Three Steps to Success with engageNY

How to Teach the engageNY Modules

This training includes all teachers and administrators. DataWOKS trains teachers to make general modifications to the content with specific teaching strategies in mind. For example, teachers are taught to write Checking for Understanding (CFU) questions for each component of the lesson. DataWORKS provides sample engageNY lessons with modifications as examples for the teachers to reference.

Professional Development

engageNY Lesson Development Training

This training requires teachers to be split into grade-level cohorts. Teachers begin by analyzing engageNY lessons and are shown specific ways to modify and teach each component of the lesson. The components include learning objective, prior knowledge, concept development, skill development and guided practice, relevance, closure, and independent practice.

engageNY Lesson Demonstrations

Taking everything the teachers have learned and designed over the last few days, we head into the classrooms to put all that theory into practice! Teachers practice delivering their newly designed lessons in their own classrooms with immediate, interactive coaching from their peers and a DataWORKS coach.

explicit direct instruction

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