Workshops for the
Common Core

See how to demystify Common Core, write teachable learning objectives, teach writing based on Common Core, and align curriculum to the standards.

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The Common Core standards have focused classroom learning on concept-based lessons, more emphasis on informational text, evidence-based analysis, and new kinds of testing. These shifts in focus require teachers and administrators to adapt their instruction to meet these needs. Common Core workshops will help you understand the Common Core standards and practically apply them in the classroom.

The Common Core Workshops

Icon - Common Core: Learning Objectives

Common Core:
Learning Objectives

Teacher will learn to deconstruct the Common Core standards and pull out teachable Learning Objectives.

Icon - Common Core: Demystifying the Standards

Common Core:
Demystifying the Standards

Dispel the myths of Common Core and find out what teachers really have to do to meet these standards.

Icon - Common Core: Teaching Writing

Common Core:
Teaching Writing

Learn strategies to get all kids writing on grade level. Supports Informative, Persuasive, and Narrative in the Common Core.

Icon - Common Core: Curriculum Calibration

Common Core:
Curriculum Calibration

Is your curriculum aligned to your state standards? We analyze sample assignments, click to find out more.

Common Core: Learning Objectives Workshop

Every day teachers are challenged to create Learning Objectives (Targets) based on heavy text-based standards that often include definitions, examples, and multiple objectives. Valuable time is spent trying to condense the Common Core state standards into teachable learning objectives for the classroom.

In this workshop, we will prepare teachers to extract teachable Learning Objectives from the Common Core standards. With these explicit Learning Objectives, teachers can move quickly to designing well-crafted and well-delivered lessons that focus on required concepts and skills.

This Learning Objective Workshop will show you how to:

  • Craft Learning Objectives from the Common Core or other Standards
  • Enhance lesson design and delivery with useful Teaching Tips
  • Include academic and content Vocabulary for the grade and subject
  • Use Writing Checklists to evaluate student writing samples

This workshop is perfect for Teachers who write their own lessons, Administrators who participate in Curriculum review, and support team members who write Individualized Education Programs.

Common Core:
Demystifying the Standards

In this workshop, you will learn about the myths of Common Core standards and the real facts of what these new standards provide for our schools. You’ll see what the standards require and what they don’t, how the assessments require a different kind of preparation, and how the focus has shifted to concept-based lessons. You’ll also learn how to engage your students with academic and content vocabulary as part of your lessons.

Common Core:
Teaching Writing

Students need to be taught how to write. At first, they need to use a formula — step by step on writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays for each of the three main types of writing — narrative, informative, and persuasive. We use a color-coded graphic organizer along with writing checklists and rubrics to guide the students into thinking and writing effectively. Regular feedback via pair-shares is essential for improvement. Editing and revising skills are also taught.

Common Core:
Curriculum Calibration

Are your school assignments aligned to your state standards? If not, then your students won’t be learning on grade level, or be ready for the new standardized tests. Using a procedure developed with over 1000 schools, we ask your teachers to send us the assignments they gave for one week for one class. Then we calibrate them to see if they are on standard. We identify whether the standard was lower or higher, and make recommendations for adjusting the assignments to be on grade level. Student and teacher names are eliminated and a general report is made for the entire school.

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