Parent & Teacher

Parents must become a partner in the education of their children. Practical tips are given to parents that they can use to develop and support learning habits in their children. Creating a collaborative school-community culture is one goal of this program.

The program features four (4) modules: Homework Assistance, Community Building, Home Environment, and Parents – The First Teacher.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying is not just on the playground; it is now in cyberspace. With this module, we empower the teacher and parents with practical knowledge of social media outlets favored by students. This module has something for parents at any techno-literacy level, as its main focus is the protection of the student.

The program features four (4) modules: Cyber Bullying, Online Safety, Parents Guide to Social Media, Bullying: Transforming Student Culture.

Bullying in School

The Bullying program is about transforming student culture through empowerment. The workshop contains practical tips that will protect students through identification and prevention of bullying.

The program features four (4) modules: Bullying: Transforming Student Culture, Cyberbullying, Self-Esteem, and Anger Management

Academic Success

The greatest resources a school community has are its parents. This module begins with understanding the school’s academic standards and how to effectively open the lines of communication between parents and teacher. This module is recommended for schools adapting to new curriculum and/or standards.

The program features four (4) modules: Common Core Myths, Effective Communication, Motivating Students to Success, and Parents-The First Teacher.

Custom Packages

Schools face many unique challenges that have to be addressed quickly and thoroughly. DataWORKS provides Parental Involvement Workshops, which allow you the freedom to pick and choose the modules that fit your immediate needs. Our Client Relations team is ready to speak with you about which program is best for you.

Parental Involvement Workshops available:

  • Community Building
  • Parents – The First Teacher
  • Bullying: Transforming Student Culture
  • Cyber bullying
  • Homework Assistance
  • Common Core Myths
  • Effective Communication
  • Motivating Students to Success
  • Parents Guide to Social Media
  • Self-Esteem & Values
  • Home Environment
  • Anger Management
  • Prevention Before Intervention
  • Natural Wellness
  • Leadership

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