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Here are the lessons that Kate used:

Educeri Kindergarten Use Clocks to Tell Time Lesson
Educeri Grade 1 Lesson - Tell and Write Time
Educeri Grade 2 Lesson - Tell Time to the Nearest Quarter Hour
Educeri Grade 3 Lesson - Round Numbers

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About Educeri

Here at Educeri, we are committed to providing lessons – awesome ones – that are ready for you to teach, anytime, and at an affordable price (Because we know those last minute runs for more glue sticks and pencils start to add up). We are a team of educators, editors, graphic designers, grammar snobs, and math nerds who are passionate about providing top-notch educational materials. We believe that by eliminating those 1 a.m. lesson-planning nightmares, we can make a difference in teachers’ lives – your lives, so you can get back to being your engaging, inspiring selves (Maybe with only three cups of coffee today instead of four. You never know. Miracles can happen!).

About Educeri Lesson Plans

Educeri lessons are based on the foundations of Explicit Direct Instruction(EDI).

  • Accurate, standards-based content
  • Real-time feedback via built-in checking for understanding
  • Research-based, classroom-tested procedures

When combined with basic delivery strategies, Educeri lessons are proven to improve student performance… dramatically.

Educeri K-12 Lesson Plans 3rd Grade
Educeri K-12 Lesson Plans - Algebra
Explicit Direct Instruciton (EDI) Educeri K-12 Lesson Plans - 6th Grade
Educeri K-12 Lesson Plans - 5th Grade

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