Educeri, the new online lesson subscription service recently launched by DataWORKS Educational Research, is giving away 100,000 free subscriptions. Free 3-month subscriptions will be available to teachers and school districts who contact DataWORKS and request a trial.


Being called the “Netflix” for educators, Educeri provides easy-to-use online lessons that save teachers time and money. After the free 3-month subscription, users can renew for just $7 month and gain access to hundreds of classroom-tested K-12 lessons at the click of a button.


“Our lessons provide accurate, standards-based content with real-time feedback made possible through checking for understanding,” said John Hollingsworth, president of DataWORKS. “When combined with basic delivery strategies, our lessons are proven to improve student performance…drastically.”


Hollingsworth says this is why he wants to give away 100,000 subscriptions. “I have seen what our lessons can do in the classroom, and I want to help teachers improve student performance,” Hollingsworth said.


Subscribers can get unlimited access to every digital resource on the website (more than 850 resources and growing), and schools or districts can log-in and create a school account, indicate the number of subscriptions they need, and distribute them to their teachers or parents – all through the easy-to-use online system.


“Teachers need quality, reliable lessons at an affordable price. They shouldn’t have to go broke buying workbooks and digital lessons,” said Katie Burchfield, Educeri’s Curriculum Development Manager.


Burchfield said Educeri also wants to save teachers valuable time by offering everything they need in one place. There is no need for teachers to dig through hundreds of lessons to find the best one because Educeri lessons are created by experts in the field of curriculum design and then tested in real classrooms with students. Based on the foundations of Explicit Direct Instruction from the founders of DataWORKS, Educeri lessons are not just worksheets, they are full lessons that take students from Learning Objective to independent practice.


Educeri will soon offer downloadable student handouts and other resources like flashcards and whiteboard inserts which will also be available to print. For more information on how to receive your free subscription please visit http://bit.ly/educeritrial or Facebook www.facebook.com/educeri and Twitter www.twitter.com/teacheduceri.

If you are looking to receive more than one subscription, email Educeri at educeri@dataworks-ed.com and we can create a school or district account for your entire team!


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