Dataworks Enhances Instruction To Raise Test Scores

Educators can improve test scores with our 25+ years of classroom-tested expertise, expert delivery, and proven strategies, including Explicit Direct Instruction™


Since 1997, Dataworks Has Helped Educators Improve Student Test Scores

Dataworks has been helping educators to improve test scores in over 75,000 classrooms worldwide.

Dataworks offers professional development, instructional coaching, and curriculum materials to help educators enhance their instructional practices and raise test scores.

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI)® Is The Result of Dataworks’ Educational And Brain Research

EDI was developed by Dataworks founders, Dr. Silvia Ybarra and John Hollingsworth.

EDI focuses on improving education at the lesson level by incorporating instructional practices from the work of educational and cognitive researchers such as Hattie, Rosenshine, Hunter, Sousa, and Marzano.


Instructional Leadership (IL) Program for K-12 Educators

If you’re an administrator or principal who would like to increase attendance, minimize behavioral problems, and help students learn more and faster, then Dataworks Instructional Leadership Workshop can help you implement these Engagement Norms in your school.

Continuous Professional Development Training

Enhance educators’ skills from professional development training in real-life situations.


Lesson Demonstrations

The fastest way for teachers to try, improve, and feel confident with new teaching skills is to participate in our Lesson Demonstration Program. This is also the fastest way to bring a school’s staff to full implementation of Explicit Direct Instruction. This is one of the most effective ways to build “automaticity” in teaching skills.


Common Core Workshops

Common Core standards focus classroom learning on concept-based lessons, more emphasis on informational text, evidence-based analysis, and new kinds of testing. Common Core workshops will help educators understand the Common Core standards and practically apply them in the classroom.


English Learner Strategies

English learners have difficulty understanding the English the lesson is being taught in. The teacher will need to make the English used understandable for English learners. That’s done through vocab development, definitions, and context clues which makes English more understandable.

EDI has been a huge part of our success. We took Datawork’s ideas and training and took ownership of them and continued to build teacher competence. EDI provided a common language for instruction and very clear steps for students to learn. EDI is our instructional method, but also the base of our PLCs and RTIs.

Tim Lopez

Principal, Fairmont Elementary, Sanger, CA

Learn How You Can Build the Foundation for Improving Test Scores

Dataworks provides educators with the tools and resources needed to deliver effective classroom instruction.

If you are a principal, superintendent, or administrator, our whitepaper tells you why traditional professional development doesn’t work and how to fix it.

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Before Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), our school was a ship adrift at sea with everyone rowing in different directions. EDI has provided us with a framework for instruction and a common language that allowed us to all row in the same direction. By doing so, we exited program improvement within the first two years of implementation, after having been in sanctions for the previous ten years. Additionally, using the framework and common language of EDI we were named a honor roll school by the Educational Results Partnership

Benjamin Luis

Principal, Liberty Middle School, Lemoore, CA

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