Workshops for Teachers

Our teacher workshops are backed by classroom-tested strategies for learning that works – in any school, in any district, in any classroom.

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Explicit Direct Instruction Workshop for Teachers

This workshop is built from the the best research available. Teachers will be trained to deliver effective lessons to all learners including English language learners and students with special needs.

After this workshop teachers and students will see an immediate improvement in comprehension and attitude. Long-term results have shown improved API score, improved test scores, improved grades, and improved teacher morale. It all starts in the classroom!

“All students successfully taught grade-level work every day.”

workshops for teachers

Lesson Demonstration Workshop for Teachers

This workshop is one of the fastest ways for teachers to try, improve, and feel confident with new EDI teaching skills.

This is one of the most effective ways to build “automaticity” in teaching skills. By seeing first, then experiencing how the design and delivery of a lesson come together in a real classroom with students, educators know what works and know they can do it. It is also a terrific model of adult learning for the students to observe.

Lesson demonstrations are the fast track to 90% implementation of EDI.

workshops for teachers

English Learner Teaching Strategies Workshop for Teachers

This workshop helps teachers learn specific instructional strategies to help English Learners improve their language skills and learn content at the same time.

Every student needs to learn grade-level content, including English learners. In fact, English learners (ELs) have the challenge of needing to master grade-level content at the same time as they advance their understanding and use of English. This workshop provides educators with more than 50 specific strategies that enable them to achieve these goals whether ELs are designated as starting, emerging, developing, expanding, or bridging.

The training begins with an introduction to the design and delivery of EDI lessons and then emphasizes research-based strategies for teaching ELs.

workshops for teachers

Common Core Standards Workshop for Teachers

In this professional development, DataWORKS provides instruction regarding the California Common Core Standards, with a focus on the specific learning objectives contained in the standards.

The training includes guides that display math, ELA standards, ELD, and Next Generation Science Standards in explicit, teachable Learning Objectives. The guides include grade-level vocabulary words derived from the standards and poster examples for key standards.

Workshop for Teachers