The Orignal EDI Workshop

All School Improvement Begins in the Classroom

Why Explicit Direct Instructions?

Instruction should be a dialog that’s interactive and engaging; so students are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning (CFU) and teachers make instructional decisions based on the students’ responses. We are not waiting for test results, but instead, make academic corrections to ensure the success of the lesson and ultimately releasing the students to independent practices.

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EDI is Making a Global Impact

Here's what one Australian Educator had to say:

"Congratulations DATAWORKS! A colleague of mine is super impressed with a new teacher she has employed who came from one of the WA schools you worked in last year. I am a Board Member at this Perth school and I watched the teacher in action yesterday. The impact of your instruction is apparent watching her teach! What a significant effect you are having on Australian educators."

Dr. Lorraine Hammond

Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Western Australia

What's Included?


An overview of brain research. We explain how the human brain learns and stores information. This helps teachers understand the importance of the lesson delivery strategies in EDI.


Practice with Student Engagement Norms. DataWORKS Engagement Norms are used in thousands of classrooms around the world because they work. They include eight strategies that actually keep students engaged and actively participating in every lesson.

Checking for Understanding

Review how you Check for Understanding and take it to the next level. Most teachers know how to ask questions and call on students for responses. But are teachers asking the right questions to the right students? EDI has a few simple tips to help teachers ask powerful, probing questions to non-volunteers that will change the culture of the classroom and accurately assess learning in real-time.

EDI Components

Gain an in-depth look at the vital components of an EDI lesson. Why must every lesson have a Concept Development, strategic steps, and rule of two? EDI proves that, with Common Core assessments, these components are more important than ever.

EDI Components

Put it all together with coaching and feedback from an expert in EDI. Our trainers will demonstrate the strategies covered in the workshop, and then participants will be asked to immediately practice them in small groups. This leads to increased teacher retention of the strategies learned during the training.