Review proven strategies for effective lesson design and delivery

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Engagement Norms

Engage students every two minutes with content and you’ll minimise behaviour issues.



The core of teaching is verifying that students are learning while you are teaching, using frequent checking for understanding.


Well-Crafted Lessons

To maximise learning, research shows that every lesson must have seven essential components.


Give Effective Feedback

Guide students to correct answers through seven classroom-tested procedures.

Instruction is Direct

Teachers learn to directly guide interaction in the classroom via this core professional development workshop. Teachers will learn the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) model of lesson design and delivery. The training demonstrates how to create well-crafted, well-taught lessons. It focuses on strategies to create student engagement during all lessons along with adjusting lessons based on frequent Checking for Understanding questions used during the lessons.

Instruction is Explicit

Teachers explicitly teach concepts and skills in each content area with text-based lessons. They use Explicit Direct instruction (EDI) as a literacy-based instructional model. Students read, listen, and speak using academic vocabulary in all lessons in all content areas.
A DataWORKS consultant trains teachers and leaders to use a strategic set of instructional practices to help teachers explicitly teach grade-level content to all students. Training includes:

  • Brain Research that affects student learning
  • How to Create Student Engagement
  • Effective Lesson Design
  • Checking for Understanding to make instructional decisions while teaching
  • Creating Higher-Order Questions
  • Using Whiteboards to monitor all students
  • Providing Corrective Feedback for student errors
  • Lesson delivery strategies
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We prefer about 30 teachers, but we have done workshops for 10 and as many as 60.  Several groups can be accommodated on consecutive days.

No, we actually use the EDI techniques to teach the workshop. We present concepts, engage the audience, do pair-shares, check for understanding, and more.  It’s a very interactive experience for teachers.

We prefer to work with teachers all day, but we have shortened it to a half day in some instances.

Yes, that’s one of the best features of EDI Workshops. Teachers learn specific techniques that can be applied in the classroom the next day. It may not be perfect or high level, but it will be effective enough to make a difference.

Ideally, workshops should be set up at the beginning of the school year so teachers can use the techniques right away. However, even mid-year sessions work well as teachers often need a boost of inspiration and new strategies to take their class to the next level.