PLC Webinars

Support your teachers’ professional learning community by discussing effective strategies that positively impact student learning

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Meet the Author

John Hollingsworth is the co-author of the EDI book and president of DataWorks Educational Research.

Use the Study Guide

The Study Guide provides compelling questions on the main points of each chapter in the EDI book.

Connect by Voice & Video

The webinar will allow teachers to communicate via voice and video with the presenter.

Discuss What Works

The EDI book describes teaching strategies that have been proven to work in the classroom.

The Key to Success in the Classroom

Visible learning means you can see the learning taking place in the classroom. Research by Hattie and others has identified specific teaching strategies that lead to this interactive, engaged classroom. Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), which was developed by Hollingsworth and Ybarra by observing and teaching in more than 25,000 classrooms, incorporates many of these techniques into a systematic approach to design and delivery of a lesson. Studying what works, as presented in the EDI book, will help teachers know why strategies work and begin to add new tools to their teacher toolbox.

Steps to Excellence in Teaching

Webinars can be scheduled at convenient times for all teachers to meet. A good internet connection is essential for effective use of voice and video transmission. A comprehensive Study Guide is available to guide the discussions before and after the webinar. These webinars are a cost-effective introduction to EDI and a pathway to instructional excellence for the entire school.

The webinar will help teachers understand:

  • how delivery of the lesson makes a big difference
  • how to include essential components in every lesson
  • how to use academic language and vocabulary in every lesson
  • how to achieve continuous engagement of students with content
  • how to write a learning objective to meet a standard
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The initial consultation is always free. A usual 45-minute webinar costs about $100.

It would be useful to do at least three or more webinars to highlight key features of the book.

Yes, John likes the camera. He is very good at interacting with the teachers via the technical setup of voice and video.

We have done webinars after school when teachers can gather. Or, they can be done during the day on a Teacher In-Service Day. We work around your schedule.

The Study Guide offers key questions for each chapter of the EDI book, as well as activities that will help teachers use the strategies or think through how they can be used in their schools.