Watch and practice with coaching in your classroom with your students.

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About DataWORKS - John Hollingsworth

Engage Your Students

Observe your students interacting with content frequently and effectively

Practice Strategies

Enjoy team teaching with guidance as you try new ways to help students learn

Model How to Learn

Show students how you ask questions and how you think as you present a lesson or concept

Fast Track Your Skills

Reinforce new habits for continuous interaction with students and content

Research Shows that…

staff development must be followed by demonstration, practice, and feedback (Joyce and Showers, 1987). Following training, DataWORKS consultants teach lessons to students while teachers watch. Then, teachers teach the same lesson to different students.

A team-teaching approach is used where the lesson is divided among three teachers. Each teacher teaches for about 15 minutes. A DataWORKS consultant provides in-situational coaching via cueing while teachers teach. Typically, cueing reminds teachers to use pair-shares, have students read with the teacher, and call on non-volunteers to answer questions.

What do Demonstrations Teach

This active follow-up is the key to successful implementation, and is the fastest way for teachers to try, improve, and feel confident with new teaching skills:

  • How to Create Student Engagement
  • Checking for Understanding to make instructional decisions while teaching
  • Using Whiteboards to monitor all students
  • Providing Corrective Feedback for student errors
Professional Development Success Rates
1 Step 1

EDI has been proven to work with all age groups. It is designed with specific research-based components that help someone learn, no matter where, when, or how.

EDI works best for teaching new content – concepts and skills the first time. After these are learned, then group and project work is useful.

Usually substitutes are used to cover other classes while a group of teachers are working together in a Lesson Demonstration class.

Teachers can quickly start using the strategies and make a real difference in their classes. However, it takes multiple repetitions to make new teaching habits automatic and effortless.

EDI can work for all academic subjects.