Explicit Direct Instruction is now available for Australian
educators. Make learning visible in your classrooms.

Uses Interaction to

Make Learning Visible

1 Visible Leadership
We train local support teams to provide objective feedback and reinforcement of EDI strategies.

2 Visible Design & Delivery
We train Australian teachers how to design and deliver EDI lessons to maximize student achievement.

3 Visible Demonstrations
We go in the classroom to demonstrate EDI strategies, and we coach teachers on-site to ensure steady implementation.

Explicit Direct Instruction activates 18 of the top 33 influences of visible learning

In fact, by combining these 18 influences in one instructional program, EDI achieves a synergistic effect that produces more results faster for every student.

Helps Australian Teachers

Make Learning Visible

Vocabulary Development

How to consistently teach academic and content vocabulary in every lesson.

Higher-Order Questions

How to ask questions that involve thinking and not just recall.

Checking for Understanding

How to do frequent CFUs to verify learning as you are teaching and involve all students.

Engagement Norms

Use 8 strategies to engage students with content every two minutes

Teacher Modeling

How to model your thinking to solve problems, using the Rule of Two


How to use 7 strategies to give effective and corrective feedback to students

Are you ready to SEE learning made visible in your classroom?

See how to do it with our bestseller webinars. See the actual strategies with our workshops. See your students learning more with our lesson demonstrations.


Focused on the EDI book, our educational bestseller.

  • Meet the author
  • Use our Study Guide
  • Interactive voice and video
  • Discuss what works


How to use EDI Strategies effectively for lesson delivery and design.

  • See and try proven practices
  • Learn Engagement Norms
  • Learn how to TAPPLE for CFUs
  • Learn components of a good lesson


We demonstrate and coach in your classroom with your students.

  • See how to engage your students
  • Practice strategies in real time
  • Model how to learn for your students
  • Fast track your implementation of new skills