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A Summer School Bootcamp for The Brain!

Whether you are looking to remediate struggling students or looking to give students a boost in the coming year, the DataWORKS StepUP Academy is designed to immerse your students — and teachers — in a powerful training program that will help them step up to the next level of performance.

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Program Overview

StepUP Academy is designed to accelerate learning through effective, research-based lesson design and delivery strategies. It is especially useful for English Learners and struggling students.

The StepUP program combines well-crafted standards-based lessons with a strategically paced curriculum to create a powerful, easy-to-use, short-term learning experience.

Expected Program Results:

  1. measurable gains by students in learning and confidence; and
  2. demonstrable improvement by teachers in effective lesson delivery.

Program Features:

Reading Fundamentals

Our ELA academies are incorporating close reading strategies that help students analyze text structure and synthesize content from diverse media – preparing students to tackle the difficult to analyze informative/expository text of Common Core.

Writing Fundamentals

Our Writing academies center around units such as narrative, informative, or persuasive writing, and give students extensive experience in crafting original stories, writing from sources, and using evidence to support an argument.

Math Fundamentals

Math academies focus on the often-missed test questions in geometric measurement, modeling situations, fractions, and statistics.

Digital Tech

Our engaging new computer-based tech-tivities allow math students to interact with powerful graphing and design software.

Time Saver

Dynamic, digital, and conceptually-driven pacing calendars are built around your schedule. Instructional time is maximized to cover the most amount of content during your academy.

Skill Mastery

Flashcard games give students the opportunity to build fluency in math facts and basic operations, preparing them for higher-level courses.

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StepUP Academy | Summer School A rigorous summer school program for grades K-12. Summer School Program

Program Benefits:

affordable summer school

Customized to your budget and schedule

Academies can be done during summer, winter recess, spring break, after school, or even during the school year. And, whether you have eight hours a day for two weeks or one hour a day for eight weeks, your StepUP Academy will be customized to fit your schedule and timeline.

versatile summer school

Dual-purpose training

While students are learning, teachers also benefit from the lesson-based training and frequent interactive coaching sessions. This is a great opportunity for all teachers, but especially for those who are new to teaching or new to Explicit Direct Instruction.

stress free summer school

No stress, turn-key

All materials and trainings are provided by DataWORKS. That means, schools can focus on recruiting teachers and students for the academy, and teachers can focus on perfecting their lesson delivery strategies.

Previous Program Outlines:

  • K-12 ELA preview of upcoming school year
  • K-12 Math preview of upcoming school year
  • Algebra/Math I remediation
  • Review of key math concepts before national assessments
  • Review of reading and language concepts before national assessments
  • Close Reading Skills and vocabulary building
  • Intensive writing skills (Narrative, Informative, Persuasive)


average improvement in student scores from pre- to post-test*

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