Explicit Direct Instruction Students Can Learn More and Learn Faster

An Interview with Mr. John Hollingsworth and Dr. Silvia Ybarra Interviewed by: Bao Tianren (National Basic Foreign Language Teaching Research Centre, Beijing 100081, China) Background of DataWORKS Educational Research Company Bao Tianren (BAO): Mr. Hollingsworth, thank you very much for inviting me to the States. We had several rounds of talks during the 50th TESOL…

Explicit Direct Instruction and Common Core

How do EDI and Common Core Standards work together?

How do EDI and Common Core Standards work together? Let us begin with understanding the terminology to avoid miscommunication. Common Core refers to educational standards created at the national level. Common Core standards are organized by subject and grade. Many teachers have been misled to believe that Common Core requires inquiry learning, project-based learning, or…

Classroom Management

How Increasing Student Engagement Helps Classroom Management

The Best Discipline Program is Effective Instruction One of the most common and challenging issues teachers face in the classroom is behavior problems. In many cases, student misbehavior is due to two key factors: Lack of confidence. Students can’t complete the skills or understand the concept. Therefore they have disengaged from the lesson as shown…