Take a look at videos of some of our Explicit Direct Instruction strategies and lessons. These videos are designed to demonstrate how to incorporate our Student Engagement Norms, how to check for understanding using TAPPLE, and how each component of our lessons is meant to be taught. For more videos of teachers using our lessons in the classroom, visit our YouTube channel: dataworksed

Student Engagement Norms

Lesson Video | Engagement Norms

Checking For Understanding

Lesson Video | Checking for Understanding
How to Check for Understanding See how to Check for Understanding throughout every lesson using TAPPLE. Checking for Understanding Video

Learning Objective

Lesson Video | learning objective
Common Core Learning Objective How to Teach a Common Core Learning Objective Checking for Understanding Video

Activate Prior Knowledge

Lesson Video | Activate Prior Knowledge

Concept Development

Lesson Video | Concept Development

Skill Development

Lesson Video | Skill Development

Guided Practice

Lesson Video | Guided Practice

Lesson Relevance

Lesson Video | Lesson Relevance