Parlier StepUP to Literacy

This summer academy was custom-designed for the students in Parlier Unified School District with the goal of dramatically increasing student literacy and math levels through an explicit, systematic approach to learning.


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ELA curriculum with a focus on English Language Development


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Pre-teaching math standards and building fluency in math

ELA with English Language Development

This program, called Launch to Literacy, was modeled after the systematic phonics approach. For this academy, student test data was used to place students into five literacy levels. In the first three levels, students receive rigorous instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. By level 4 students are considered to be reading to learn, therefore the curriculum for those levels focuses on vocabulary, comprehension, and language conventions.


This program is designed to build student fluency in mathematics while pre-teaching standards that students will be taught next year. This approach to mathematics has proven to give struggling students a “step up” during the school year. In all grades, students receive rigorous practice with grade-appropriate math facts, while also learning difficult new concepts and important math vocabulary.

The Educators

More than 15 Parlier educators and administrators have volunteered their summer vacation to help students StepUP to Literacy! These teachers receive intensive coaching and support from DataWORKS educational consultant, Dr. Silvia Ybarra, throughout the duration of the academy.