Multiple Measures

Accurate Ways to Assess Student Achievement

A pragmatic, effective guide to developing standards-based accountability systems!

This practical guide for educators and administrators shows how to measure teaching and learning accurately with multiple measures. Developed by three of the field’s best-known authorities, from their work with 130 school districts, this easy-to-use approach includes strategic handouts, reports, and communiqués that will help you create an effective assessment program and end the struggle to meet federal requirements.

Step-by-step explanations, examples, and tips on implementation are included for challenging areas that educators have identified, such as:

  • Using terminology correctly
  • Selecting reliable, valid, and fair measures
  • Gathering, disaggregating, and analyzing data
  • Understanding the limitations of testing
  • Aligning content standards with instruction and assessment
  • Limitations of norm-referenced tests
  • All populations in all assessments

All tables and examples used in the book are derived from real data derived from real schools. The information is easy to understand and offers a concise view of a critical issue in education. An essential resource for educators and administrators!


A California ASCD Educational Book Seminar Selection

The authors offer administrators and policymakers specific examples of how to actually combine multiple measures to answer questions of accountability.

—Ken Schatmeyer, Consultant
Center for Curriculum & Assessment; Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, OH

A valuable guide! Combines multiple genre of assessment into a meaningful and communicative whole. This approach can be used to both guide student instruction and justify and allocate resources.

—Edith L. Hunsberger, Associate in Professional Examinations
New York State Education Department, Delmar

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