Providing Intervention for Students

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One of the most pressing issues in Education is making up for the Learning Loss that happened during the Pandemic.

The end of the 2022 school year is fast approaching, probably to the relief of both teachers and students. The challenges our educators have overcome are monumental. As we pause to review our assessment data, it is becoming apparent that Learning Loss and the Curriculum Gap are here for the foreseeable future.

69% of teachers are less confident..

A recent EDWeek Research Center study reported that 69% of teachers are less confident that their students will be on grade level by the end of the school year. Elementary teachers reported that on average, 49% of their students were reading on grade level in December, nearly a 16% drop from the 58% they said were on grade level in winter 2019.

In math, elementary teachers said that 53% of their students were on grade level in December, a 13% decline from the 61% they said were on grade level two winters ago.

Providing Intervention for Students

The team at DataWORKS Educational Research has identified three programs to consider immediately to directly combat Learning Loss

How to Support Our Students

Strategies to consider in your Learning Loss Mitigation program:


Focus on pre-teaching next year Standards in the summer

Catch Up

Focus on current Grade Standards to allow students to catch up


Focus on missing sub-skills that are holding students back

These strategies should be considered with any program to fight Learning Loss

5 Components for an Intervention Program

Here are some ideas and additional resources for you to review when choosing an Intervention program to focus on Learning Loss

Academic Engagement

Focus on the student experience by delivering great lessons to maximize their involvement with content

Conceptual Understanding

Focus on Concepts to give students the understanding that will accelerate their skill development

Language Development

Focus on Academic Language - Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, no matter which Domain is being taught

Expanded Need for Summer School

Summer School in the past has been used to combat learning loss that students experience during the summer. Now, Summer School will be used to combat learning loss from the pandemic.

Flexible Structure for Summer School

The beauty of a summer school program is that it can be structured to give students support in different ways. Let’s get creative! Some schools could actually offer their students two or three tracks in one summer program -- any of the five options above could be combined in one school. For example, your school could offer a Step Up, Catch Up, and Language track depending on the needs of students.

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