5 Day School Improvement Plan

W​e’ve all sat through Professional Development (PD) sessions. We’re inspired by the possibilities of using new strategies. Then Monday morning arrives, and we go back to our existing practices. What happened? We were inspired during the training. We can list the names of the new strategies. But, we teach just like we always did. Now, this new 5-Day School Improvement Plan is designed to facilitate rapid implementation of new strategies at any school.

Here's why Professional Development
doesn't work and how to fix it.

Day 1 | Introducing Explicit Direct Instruction

Consultant delivers the Explicit Direct Instruction training that addresses brain research, student engagement, lesson design, lesson delivery, checking for understanding, and academic coaching.

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  • • EDI instructional goals (80-100% success in every lesson)
  • • Research supporting Explicit Direct Instruction
  • • Activity: Teacher reflection on applying research on instruction to their classroom.
  • • Information Processing model
  • • Designing instruction to maximize student retention
  • • Activity: Teacher reflection on modifying their classroom based on brain research.
  • • How to create student engagement every 97 seconds
  • • Creating Academic Engagement, including Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
  • • Activities:
    • Videos to show classroom practice
    • Teachers practice new strategies with partners
    • Teacher reflection on how they will implement student engagement
  • • Learning Objective, Activate (or provide) Prior Knowledge, Concept Development, Skill Development, Guided Practice, lesson Relevance, and Closure
  • • Activity: Review and analyze sample online EDI lessons (educeri.com) with grade-level partners. (Teachers need internet access)
  • • Verify student learning while teaching
  • • Checking for Understanding components: TAPPLE: Teach first, Ask a specific question, Pair-share, Pick a random student to answer, Listen to the Response, provide Effective Feedback
  • • Activity: Teachers watch and analyze videos
  • • Higher-order questions. Different types of questions for different parts of a lesson
  • • Whiteboards. How to use whiteboards and provide immediate corrective feedback for errors.
  • • Re-teaching if less than 80% success.
  • • Effective, Corrective Feedback. Five feedback strategies to generate 100% correct answers to Checking for Understanding questions.
  • • Activities: videos and teacher reflection to how they will implement.
  • • Research on internalizing new teaching skills
  • • Importance of real-time, in-situation coaching and feedback
  • • Activities: Reflection on how to implement coaching, including peer coaching. Practice coaching.

Days 2 - 4 | Lesson Demonstrations

A key component of the plan is the DataWORKS EDI demonstration lessons on days 2 to 4. These demo lessons allow teachers to see the practices from the training in their classrooms with their students. Teachers then practice teaching the same lessons while receiving in-situational coaching.

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  • • Teachers are grouped into grade-level-spans or content area cohorts. For example, K-1, 2-3, and 4-6. For middle school and high school, group by ELA, math, science, social science, and other.
  • • Schools and DataWORKS select lessons to teach from the educeri.com online catalog
  • • Daily schedule – one to two demonstration lessons per day, depending on number of teachers.
  • • School uses roving subs to release teachers in cohorts
  • • Pre-brief to review lessons prior to teaching
  • • Consultant teaches lesson to students while teachers watch
  • • Debrief
  • • Teachers teach same lesson to different students. Usually, three teachers split up the lesson and each teacher teaches part of the lesson
  • • DataWORKS provides in-situational coaching while teachers teach
  • • End-of-day debrief about what we learned, focusing on what can be used every day in the classroom

Day 5| Classroom Implementation

The fifth day provides the key to implementation by focusing on leadership and coaching by school leaders

School leaders are trained in a specific 5-minute Classroom Observation procedure with feedback guidelines for communicating with teachers. This allows teachers to apply the new strategies, repeat them, and get regular feedback.

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  • • Daily schedule – one to two rounds of observations per day
  • • Pre-brief to review observation process and forms
  • • Observe 10 random classrooms for 5 minutes each
  • • Record practices that were observed, including EDI lesson components, Student Engagement, and Checking for Understanding
  • • Discuss in hallway what practice were used
  • • Debrief to analyze data and to write SMART goals based on observations
  • • Plan for the future
  • • Observations can be made two times per day with different observers

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