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Do you have new teachers who need EDI training before the new school year begins?

What are you seeing in your classroom?
You should see a regular interaction between students and teachers. This interaction allows students to demonstrate what they are learning and teachers to make instructional decisions during the lesson.  Dataworks Professional Development gives teachers real practical tools to create an interaction that you can see in the classroom the day after training.

How is DataWORKS PD different?
Dataworks’ trainings are a lot more than just talk and listen.  We involve the teachers in hands-on use of real practical strategies to support immediate implementation in their classrooms.  After an initial training, unlike others, we demonstrate these strategies in your teachers’ classrooms with your students.

How do we get started?
If you’re ready to see positive change in your classrooms from a company that isn’t afraid to teach in your classrooms, then call, click, or chat.  Let’s start a conversation today.

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