Thank you so much! I really feel EDI is so beneficial for both teachers and students. I feel better equipped to teach my students having learned these useful strategies!

Katherine Sheppard
1st Grade Teacher, Fenton Primary Ctr., Los Angeles, CA

(I valued) I appreciate the solid research base of DataWORKS.

Diane Dotson
Superintendent, Jamestown SD, Jamestown, CA

Even with all my training and experience, I still learned something new daily.

Michelle Williams, M.A. – Curriculum
Teacher, Riverview ES, KCUSD, Reedley, CA

During TAPPLE, I consistently have my students answer questions in complete sentences. Throughout the day, my English Learners are speaking in complete sentences and hearing complete sentences being spoken. By the middle of the year, I saw a huge improvement in their writing. I know this is a result of using sentence frames and having students answer questions in complete sentences.

Starbuck Jackson
4th Grade Teacher, Colton Unified, Highland, CA

This is the best in-service I have been to. We should be spending more time practicing these techniques.

Science Teacher
Woodlake HS, Woodlake, CA

EDI has so much verbalization of academic language that our EL students are constantly hearing and repeating and, because of this, comprehending English at a very fast pace.

Patricia Bloodgood
5th Grade Teacher, Orange Center ES, Fresno, CA

(I valued) Information that can be used today!

Lisa Boje
Director of Curriculum, Ripon Unified, Ripon, CA

EDI has helped me structure lessons that make learning accessible and successful for all students. It lowers the affective filter of my English Learners, and allows them access to grade-level content and vocabulary. When used in Language Arts, reading is strengthened by a focused unpacking of the students. This makes a complicated process of learning accessible to all students.

Janelle Honn
Grades K-6 Teacher on Assignment, Colton USD, Bloomington, CA

EDI keeps students engaged throughout the lesson! It gives students the opportunity to speak and listen to each other during the lesson. Students discuss vocabulary and read aloud during EDI which gives them practice in Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. Students do all the work during a lesson! Pair-Share is a great strategy to help English Learners with speaking and practicing the vocabulary!

Yvette Mezzanatto
5th Grade Teacher, Crestmore ES, Bloomington, CA

EDI is very concrete. You can walk into a classroom and recognize it right away. It enables us to give much better feedback to teachers.

Robert Chavez
Chief Academic Officer, Madera, CA