Gordon Carlson



With more than 35 years of experience in the educational field, Gordon Carlson has worked for elementary, middle, and high schools as a teacher, vice-principal, director, college instructor, assistant superintendent, and school board member. Mr. Carlson relies heavily on that background, coupled with Master’s Degrees in Mathematics and Education and School Administration, as well as the Senior Education Research Consultant for DataWORKS Educational Research.

All students successfully taught grade-level work every day.

Mr. Carlson has been instrumental in training and evaluating DataWORKS consultants in the areas of classroom instructional practices, curriculum alignment, data-driven planning, and instructional leadership.

Mr. Carlson believes in the DataWORKS vision of “All students successfully taught grade-level work every day,” and helps teachers build good teaching practices to create a foundation to teach all students grade-level work using research-based strategies. It is his goal to improve student achievement, and Mr. Carlson has led school reform at elementary, middle, and high schools, improving teaching so students learn more.


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